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The money and donations generous people like yourself give go to many things, and can come in many forms. Any donations are tax deductible since Wolfwood Refuge is a non profit organization. The money goes to help build new pens and expand old ones, pay for food, and pay for medical expenses such as general check ups, surgeries, and medication.

Money isn't the only thing that can be donated, food (kibble and meat) is always a plus and the wolves love it.  We are always thankful for any donation, including your time. If you're interested in volunteering please see the other tab for more information.

For a list of items that can be useful to us, please email or call first before any items are donated. We currently have calendars, mugs and t-shirts for sale. All the profits go directly to the wolves, for more information please call or send an email. Donations and inquires can be sent to:

wolfwood1995@hotmail.com or (970)946-9606

Paula Woerner
P.O. Box 312
Ignacio, CO. 81137

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