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Wolfwood Merchandise

We have some wonderful new items that have been created by local volunteers and supporters of WolfWood. We want to share those with you.  Here is your chance to do some shopping for yourself, for presents or just to support the Refuge. Please email your shopping requests with:

to wolfwoodnewsletter@gmail.com . Your requests will be acknowledged and you will receive a response within 2 days as to the availability, shipping quote and final price. You can then either pay by Paypal or send a check to us.  


2015 WolfWood Calendar
Click on picture to see a larger image

$15 each

Our most popular item is back in plenty of time for 2015.
The calendar features several of our animals from different generations of Wolfwood residents.
Featured residents include: Finn, Kewa, Kodiak, Kweo, Nova,
Oakley, Pan, Ra, Ranger, Sita, Topaz, Torq and Trinity.


WolfWood 2013 t-shirt
Click on picture to see a larger image

$15 each

Front design with paw prints and "WolfWood Refuge", back design of a wolf howling.
Various sizes and colors available.


WolfWood cards
Click on each picture to see a larger image

Thank You Cards

Each card says "Thank You" on the
outside border and is blank inside.
Request your favorite wolf.

Line Border Cards
Blank note cards of Trinity, Rufio
or Willow.

Paw Print Border Cards

Blank notecards.
Request your favorite wolf.


WolfWood stuffed animals
Click on each picture to see a larger image

Small Stuffed Wolf Animal

Wild Republic brand stuffed wolf,
a perfect little stocking stuffer.

Medium Stuffed Wolf Animal

Wild Republic brand stuffed wolf
is very soft and cuddly.

Large Stuffed Wolf Animal

Wild Republic brand stuffed wolf
measures 13" tall.


WolfWood gifts
Click on each picture to see a larger image

Gourd with WolfWood Wolf Fur

Put it in a special place to be
admired and provide protection
and power of the Wolf.

Contains fur shed from the
WolfWood Wolves.

Pouch with WolfWood Wolf Fur

Hang it around your neck or wherever to feel the protection and power of Wolf.

Contains fur shed from the
WolfWood Wolves.

Brushed Metal Wolf

Created by local artist Tanya Lawyer.
Made of steel with a brush finished.

Request it be a business card holder for no extra charge.

Magnet of Big O's Eyes

The leader of the Alaska 9 pack is
always keeping watch.

Wolf Yarn

30 yards of yarn made from shed
WolfWood wolf fur.

Wolfwood Shopping Bag

Wolfwood Refuge shopping bag that changes color in the sun.

Wolfwood Magnet

A small magnet with the Wolfwood
name and a wolf paw.

Edward Little Wolf CD

Broken Treaties and Flight of the Eagle by Salida, Colorado musician Edward Little Wolf. For more info and a listen go to: http://www.reverbnation.com/show/10704487

Wolf Hat

Elastic strap on the back will fit
any size head.

Wind Chimes

Made by Local Artist
Amy Stuck.
Outdoor safe glass wind chimes
of various colors.

Wolf Bookmark

Advice from a wolf bookmark

Wolf Sticker

The beautiful WolfWood logo.
Size: 3" x 5"


Wildlife tattoos for the kids


WolfWood bracelets, earrings and tags
Click on each picture to see a larger image


Wolf fetish Turquoise Zuni India
 made earrings

Wolf Fur Bracelets

Made from shed WolfWood wolf fur, spun into to yarn, finished with colorful beads,
a wolf charm and a magnetic clasp. Size and colors vary.

Wolfwood Tags

Pick which pair of WolfWood Wolves you would like.
Pick either a ball-chain or leather strap to wear them around your neck.


Wolf Laminate Necklace
Created by local artist Monica Devi Bhakti.
Special order your very own, one-of-a-kind necklace of your favorite WolfWood wolves.
This double sided laminate frame will be created with two of your wolves,
strung on a lariat style ribbon so that you can wear it long or short.
Embellished with jewels and the color of your choice. A personal gift for yourself or for someone special.
Please allow a couple of weeks for creation.
$35 each
Click on each picture to see a larger image of the samples




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