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Wolfwood is dedicated to protecting the welfare of wolves and wolfdogs, and promoting an understanding of these animals in the hope of dispelling fear and opening the way for a healthy relationship between humans and wolves. We address these goals on a multitude of levels:

  1. Wolfwood provides a safe refuge for unwanted and homeless wolfdogs. All animals are contained in large enclosed areas. No animal is ever chained. All efforts are made to provide the best physical, mental, social and psychological environment for each animal. Each wolfdog is considered and treated as an individual with unique needs and qualities.
  2. Wolfwood provides extensive information and education on wolf and wolfdog behavior and issues surrounding them. Seminars and educational programs are presented to schools, state parks, the general public, other animal care facilities and various institutions. We also provide information and instruction to current or potential owners of these animals and the human behavior required when dealing with them. We are interested in creating a developmental program to study the effects of interaction between wolves and at risk youth.
  3. Wolfwood is an adoption center for suitable animals. We try and locate permanent homes that meet the physical, social, financial, emotional and attitudinal requirements for these animals to be happy and healthy for the remainder of their lives.
  4. Wolfwood's mission is to dispel myth and misinformation, judgment and prejudice, cruelty and inhumane treatment.
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