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Other Wolves

At Wolfwood Refuge we have over 50 animals and are constantly updating and adding to the existing biographies.

Scroll through the page to view the wolves or select a wolf from the list to view them directly. 



Abra joined Wolfwood in August of 2016 as a very shy, skittish, 2 year-old wolf/dog. She came from Montana where her owner ran a grooming shop and kept Abra in a small kennel, never allowing her out. The owner would not give Abra adequate water because she would have to pee too much and the owner didn't want to be bothered taking Abra out.

Another couple in Utah had Abra's sister, who was loved and well cared for. When they learned that Abra's owner was going to put her down they went to Montana to get her. They hoped that she could be re-homed with her sister. It took weeks for Abra to come out of her small kennel because that was all she knew. After 6 months of effort, including Abra jumping off their ten-foot deck, they realized that she was not going to settle in to city life.

Abra is exceptionally shy and lives with Axel.

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Akula came to the Refuge from Golden, CO. in October 2019. We think she was about 2 years old when she arrived, although we don't know for sure.  She was a stray who had been wandering around for several months. She was finally captured and went to a local humane society who started looking for a place that could handle her. They eventually found Wolfwood and volunteers went to Golden to pick her up. Nothing is known about her background before that.

Akula is afraid of people, and will not let anyone approach her, but she is curious. She doesn't seem to mind having other animals and is living with Samoa, another shy wolfdog. We are hopeful that as her interactions with volunteers increases, that she will learn to trust.

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Albion is a Great Pyrenees mix dog. He joined the refuge in May 2020 at the young age of one year old from the La Plata Humane Society. The Humane Society has been a Wolfwood supporter for over 20 years and we work closely with them for the benefit of all animals.

Albion had been adopted out several times and lived in 4 homes in his short life but none worked out. The Humane Society didn't want to put Albion down so they asked us to take this big guy. We said yes. He is ready to be safe and happy here and be a penmate for one of our more wolfie pack members.. 

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Archie is a wolfdog who came from Aztec NM in January 2014. His owner had rescued him, but Archie could not be contained. He got out and was too smart to be recaptured. He ran around Aztec, causing no harm and even taking walks with local towns people and their dogs. He would eat hotdogs from their hands. He is quite a character.

Tina and the folks at the animal shelter tried to catch him for several weeks, even buying a special net gun. He still evaded all attempts until Craig went down with our new dart gun and sedated him with the first shot. He was taken to the shelter and neutered. He was transported here and now lives with Danu. He is handsome, sweet and curious. He wants to be petted but is still shy.

For an amusing write-up on Archie's time before he came to Wolfwood see the story in the Aztec Talon. (Scroll down to the bottom of page 16 for the article.)

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Aspen is a rowdy animal.  She came to Wolfwood in 2009 at the age of 3 months after a court battle with the puppy mill where she was born.  While she is not aggressive and can be handled by anyone, she still has her puppy energy and likes to play rough.  


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Axle (formerly known as Koda) came to us from Utah. He lived with a loving couple who were having health issues and just could not handle his size and energy level. They wanted him to have companion animals to play with and a home outside to match his sled dog background, so they contacted WolfWood.  We have a few females that also could use a friend, so when we said we could make room for him, his family brought him to us. Leaving him was hard, but they truly wanted what was best for him.

Axle is a friendly guy and likes all the volunteers. He is definitely enthusiastic and needs to learn not to jump, but he is adapting well. He is already learning his new name and is a very smart guy. He is young, only 2 when he arrived. Much to our pleasant surprise, Axel and Abra hit it off right away. They now live together next to Seiku who is expressing interest in joining thtem. time will tell.

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Chaco is a male wolfdog from Ohio.  He joined the Refuge, along with Liri, at the age of four in January 2018. Chaco and Liri are a bonded pair of wolfdogs.

They had been well cared for by their owner who had several wolfdogs. However, due to complaints from neighbors, the animals needed to be crated at night. The owner had been trying to find a good home for them for a while. After failed attempts with several other refuges, the owner found Wolfwood and she made the long drive from Ohio to the Refuge to personally deliver Liri and Chaco.

Chaco is a dominant animal and is very social.  He has taken on the role as one of our ambassador animals.

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Chai is a dog that joined the Refuge volunteer staff as a 14-week old puppy in September of 2016. She has a special role at the Refuge as both a family pet and a companion to Wile E.  Long time readers of the Refuge's history know that we sometimes adopt dogs for special purposes at the Refuge.

While on a road trip, Paula stopped at the Flagstaff animal shelter in search of a dog that was about the same age and size as Wile E. She found Chai there and adopted her. Chai is an extremely friendly little girl who is always happy and loves everyone. She is the only animal at WolfWood ever allowed in the house, and is on the Barney couch in the evenings. Chai and Wile E get supervised playtime together and seem like a perfect match. They are so funny when they wrestle and have yet to wear each other out.

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Chica came from the same bad breeding situation that Destiny did. She came to Wolfwood in 2012 as a pretty 9 month old  little girl. She is a very low percentage wolf/dog, but because of her terrible background she is not very social. We put her in with Aspen since Smokey is young and Aspen will be able to be Smokey's companion for a long time. They get along well, and Chica is happy to run and play.
(click on the picture to get a larger image of a different picture in a new window)


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This is Dante. He is a young wolf/dog who joined the Wolfwood Pack in July of 2014 when he was less than one year old. He came from Aztec NM when his owner passed away. The remaining family didn't want him and he found a home with us.

He was very skinny, had parasites and a bacterial infection when he arrived. However, after his vet visit he was given shots and medication and is getting healthier every day. He is a large animal and is in a new pen with Tala.

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Danu came to Wolfwood in October of 2018. She was almost 4 years old at the time and came from a private family who couldn't keep her anymore. She is an athletic, beautiful, and brilliant animal who can escape from almost anything. Danu is shy around strangers but still curious, as she will keep a small amount of distance from them. Once she gets to know you, the pets will be endless. 

Danu lives with Archie.

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Destiny came to Wolfwood May of 2012 just a few hours before we lost our beloved Tonka.  She got her name because fate seems to have made it her destiny to fill the void left by Tonka's departure even before we knew it would happen.  Destiny came from people who have many wolves and wolfdogs on chains and running loose getting in trouble. They had a litter and didn't even know it, so those animals are feral and causing trouble. All of Destiny's littermates were sold at 4 weeks of age. Because she had a bad eye they took her to the Durango animal shelter where the wonderful staff there took her in, gave Destiny her first shots, and called us. She was very small, but just a sweetheart. We took her to Dr. Wagner who operated on her eye and was able to save her vision.

Destiny lived with Odin until he needed surgery and required peace and quiet to recover.  She then livesdwith Sam until he passed away. She currently lives alone.

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This is Eileen (aka Leena) She is a two-year-old wolf/dog who came to Wolfwood, from Utah, during October of 2014. Her family loved her but they did not have the right situation for her to be in. It made them sad but they knew that coming to WolfWood was best for Eileen. She is a sweet girl who is already becoming a favorite. Eileen is adjusting well and lives with Mica. 

Eileen was named after the wife of a generous Wolfwood donor.

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Elu is a shy girl who came to use from Oklahoma. She was in a foster situation that was not the best for her. They had been wanting her to come to WolfWood for sometime and we were finally able to take her.

She is slow to warm up to people, but when she does she loves petting and kisses. We are sure she will love her forever home here in the mountains and outside space of Colorado. We have put her in with Xena, the two girls have become good friends.

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WolfWood welcomes another new member, the very sweet Etta. Etta came to us from a private party in Durango. They took good care of her but just could not keep her. She's energetic and a little shy. She already seems to be fitting in here at WolfWood!

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Gideon came to Wolfwood as a 10 week-old puppy in April 2018. He was donated by the owners of Cane Run Creek in Kentucky to be the Refuge's new guard dog after the loss of Kohl.

Gideon is a dog and is 1/2 Great Pyrenees, 1/2 Anatolian. He is in training to be the guardian of the entrance of the Refuge. He has a big job in replacing Kohl but the size of his heart, his gentle nature, and sweet spirit are in keeping with Kohl's legacy. In his first few months at the Refuge, Gideon lived with Sheba, who provided maternal care and wolfie discipline, until her passing in July 2018.  He now lives with Jinn.

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Grace came to us from the Aztec Shelter in November 2016 as a weeks old pup. She had most likely been thrown from a car. She had no front teeth; her leg was hurt and deformed; she had mange and was badly malnourished. The shelter did not have the resources to help her. Paula brought her to the Refuge and named her Grace.

Grace was in a cast for a long time and was on medications for mange and parasites. Her adult teeth will came in and she gained weight.   Against all odds, Grace is growing happier and more beautiful every day.

Grace is now part of the 3-amigo pack with Chai and Wile E.  In a single enclosure you have a dog (Chai), a coyote (Wile E), and a wolfdog (Grace).  What a collection it is.

(Click on the picture to see what Grace looked like when she arrived at the Refuge.)

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Gypsy is adjusting well to life at WolfWood and has been upgraded to the outdoor, slightly larger hospital pen. Soon she will be moved to a full iszed enclosure and hopefully in with a friend!!! She is wagging her tail, enjoying being petted, and loving the extra caleries she is getting to help her put on weight.


Harlow came to us from Cortez and makes an excellent companion animal for Aretha. She arrived the night of a huge storm that washed out part of the road to WolfWood. Harlow is sweet, playful and quite the water dog, enjoying her pool in season. She is practicing for co-guard dog duty with Gideon.



Henna came to the Refuge in September 2016, three months shy of her 2nd birthday. She was a court ordered release from the Canon City, CO area where she ran loose and killed neighbors' chickens.  Brian picked Henna up and drove her to the Refuge where she has started a new life in a safe and secure environment.

Henna is very affectionate and loves to be petted.  Henna lives with Siren.

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Jinn came to Wolfwood at the end of January of 2015 as a 14-week-old wolf/dog pup. Her original owner bought her on the Internet and then realized that wasn't a good idea. She was well taken care of but her owner soon discovered that she was not a house pet.

Jinn has adjusted well to WolfWood. She was initially moved in with Sheba, who provided several years of maternal nurturing.  After Sheba passed in 2018, Jinn moved in with Gideon and is now one of the first animals people see at the Refuge.

Lennette is her favorite person on the planet.

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Liri is a female wolfdog from Ohio.  She joined the Refuge, along with Chaco, at the age of two in January 2018. Liri and Chaco are a bonded pair of wolfdogs.

They had been well cared for by their owner who had several wolfdogs. However, due to complaints from neighbors, the animals needed to be crated at night and Liri, who is an escape artist, had to be tethered during the day. The owner had been trying to find a good home for them for a while. After failed attempts with several other refuges, the owner found Wolfwood and she made the long drive from Ohio to the Refuge to personally deliver Liri and Chaco.

Liri is a bit shy but she does enjoy running the fence with her new neighbors and getting treats.

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Majesty is a female wolf who came to the refuge in April of 2012 as a 2 year-old.  She had spent her first two years on a chain, tied to fences, bumpers, whatever was handy. Her owners moved to a house where they could not keep her. They took her to be boarded and then called us.  It took months for the marks around her neck from the chains to heal and it will take a lot of work and patience for her to ever be close to a normal animal. Pound for pound, she is our strongest animal.  She loves people and wants lots of attention, but she is extremely food aggressive and will growl and snap if challenged.  She is impulsive and can be hard to handle.  It is a real shame because she is beautiful and intelligent, and damaged. We hope to balance out the two polar opposite sides of her personality by offering her love and boundaries.  We will do our best, as always.

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Mica is a young wolf/dog who joined the pack in October of 2014.  We believe he was less than 1 year-old upon arrival.  Mica came from the local shelter and was very thin when we met him.  He was taken to the vet and checked out.  He was healthy, but hungry.

He has a very sweet personality and loves everyone.  Mica has grown into one of the largest and strongest animals at the Refuge.  He is a bundle of power and energy that can easily knock over an inattentive volunteer.

He lives with Eileen.

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Nina(black) and Torin(tan):

Nina and Torin came from North Carolina. They were part of a pack of wolfdogs that were running loose. After finally being captured Nina and Torin spent 6 months in a shelter while the staff desperately tried to find them a safe place to live. They were not candidates for a home adoption situation. 

Keith and Elizabeth agreed to pick them up with the WolfWood trailer. The staff started the process of getting them cleared to go. All in all it was a big investment in time and resources, but these two young animals were so worth it. They now have a forever home here, together at last. 

Nina and Torin are siblings and just turned one. Torin is becoming very social and is interacting well with several volunteers. Nina is still shy and does not want to be touched, yet you can tell she is so happy to have space to run and be with her brother.  We are in the process of building up their muscles, fur coat and confidence.

We are grateful to have them as part of the WolfWood “pack” and appreciate the support from NC . They are doing well.

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Nyx was born in 2015 and came to the Refuge from Aztec, NM when she was just under 1 year old during April of 2016.  She had been in 3 homes in less than a year. Since Nyx is a wolf/dog, she didn't act like a dog and her owners couldn't handle her.

Finally, the same person who introduced us to Archie took her in and contacted Wolfwood. Due to Nyx's escape abilities she had to be kept inside prior to coming to the Refuge and she became incredibly introverted. She would cower in corners and had to be carried out to go to the bathroom.

Nyx spent a couple of weeks in the hospital pen at Wolfwood and her behavior continued. However, for her first birthday present (she turned 1 on April 20th) she was given a new pen and a new neighbor, Razi. The change was instantaneous. All of a sudden, Nyx wasn't so shy. She spent time investigating her enclosure and sniffed the leftover scents of the former residents.  Nyx then went over and met Razi at the fence. There was no fence fighting or growling. Razi, confident as ever, said hello and Nyx responded.

Nyx and Razi are now together as their separate enclosures have been combined.

Nyx is named after the Greek goddess of the night.

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Paloma is a sweet, little girl who came all the way across the country to Wolfwood as a 2 year-old in September of 2020.  She was initially rescued from Selma Alabama by an organization in Pennsylvania but was classified as a wolf/dog, which is illegal in PA. She eventually found her way to Wolfwood where she enjoys belly rubs and her large enclosure. As soon as she acclimates we hope to put her in with a friend and get her on our tour rotation so she get extra loving!

Paloma is a female given name, derived from Latin "palumbus" which means Dove; a symbol of Peace.

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Ramsey came from Oklahoma. He is a large, strong male who is in his prime at 4 yrs old.  He came from a private home. He is very social and really loves people. We want to make him an ambassador, IF we can stop him from jumping. Kisses from the top of the dog house help.

Ramsey was picked up on the same trip as Torin and Nina from North Carolina. They all came home together. Ramsey will get a large enclosure and hopefully, a pen- mate very soon. He is a volunteer favorite.

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This is Razi. He is a confident, somewhat shy, large wolf who came from northern Colorado in April of 2012 at the age of 2. His owner moved and could not keep him so he took Razi to a vet to be put down. Instead, the staff at the vet's office worked hard to find WolfWood and get Razi here. They transported him to us and even gave us a donation for his care.  He prefers men over woman and likes Joel, Ben and Paula's dad. He will lie next to them and even bump them with his nose, but he does not want to be petted and definitely does not want to be leashed.  

Razi has become a favorite of many volunteers over the years and he even approaches several of them.  He also has a calming effect on new arrivals who sometimes become neighbors.  His confidence seems to help the new arrivals adjust.

Nyx and Razi are now together as their separate enclosures have been combined.

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Samoa is a low percentage wolf/dog who came to us during May 2013.  The connection to Wolfwood was made on Facebook by a friend of her owner.  Her original owner had taken her from a bad situation but couldn't keep her anymore due to a relocation.  Arrangements were made for the move to Wolfwood  through the Aztec Shelter.

Samoa  is very skittish as she needed to be kept inside a trailer previously. She needs some time to adjust to her new life where she has space to move.  She lives with Akula

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Shadow is a female wolfdog that came to Wolfwood, as a one-year-old, in May of 2020 from a private party in Denver. She was purchased in Texas as a puppy. Shadow did not adjust to city life and eventually she started jumping her fence every night and running around town. The owner was unable to build a taller fence because he was renting, so he asked if we could take her and make this her forever home.

Because of the continued donations and efforts from all our supporters, we were able to say "YES!" and bring her to Wolfwood.

Shadow is a small animal, but still has time to grow. She is definitely an escape artist and resides a big, escape-proof enclosure. She will have lots of room to run safely and eventually, a pen mate for a friend. In the meantime, we are working on making her feel at home and comfortable here at WolfWood.

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Sienna came to Wolfwood during October 2016 from the LaPlata County Humane Society along with Goblin. They had been running loose and were taken to the Humane Society. We believe that Sienna is Goblin's mother. They are very bonded and the Humane Society asked if we could take both to give them a loving and safe environment where they could stay together.

Nothing is known about Sienna's time before the Humane Society took them in.  We estimate that she was about 6 years old when she arrived.

Sienna and Goblin remain together.

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Siku came to Wolfwood during March, 2009 from Farmington, NM as a one-year old.  Her owner had to move due to his job and couldn't keep her.  She is a shy, submissive animal and will allow you to approach her if she likes you.

She lived many years with Orley until his passing in 2018.  Siku lives with Storm.

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Siren is a dog.  She came to us when we got a call from a person claiming to have a litter of "Mexican red wolves." We assured her there was no such thing, but she insisted. Of course the group did not have an ounce of wolf in them, but we agreed to take them out of their bad situation and brought them home for one of our other wolves, Juno, to foster.  We found homes for all the puppies with the help of the La Plata Humane Society, except Siren, who we kept to be Juno's pen mate.  Rowan is the third member of this playful pen.  Juno & Rowan have since left the pack and Siren lives with Henna.

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Tala: Out of the ashes, healing.

Wolves and other canines mourn the loss of their loved ones. Tala who recently lost her brother Ra is now getting more one on one time with volunteers then she ever has (Ra in all his glory was a bit of a jelly bug) and it is healing for both human and canine.

Tala and her brother Ra came from an illegal breeder in Alaska. They were both in very poor health when they arrived. The breeder had taken them away from their mother at a very young age because he believed the myth that in doing so, they would bond with humans instead. They were chained and fed a horrible diet. Tala, due to her malnourishment, was very small.

Tala's first night with Wolfwood was almost her last. She started running a fever and was quickly rushed to the vet. She had an upper respiratory infection and was severely dehydrated. She was admitted and put on an IV of antibiotics and fluids to rehydrate her little body. The vet wasn't sure she would pull through.

To everyone's delight, pull through she did. Tala was the playful pup who just wanted to roughhouse.

Plans were made to build what would be Wolfwood's largest enclosure (at that time). When it was finished, watching this sister and brother be able to run and play was pure joy.

Much to our great joy, Tala adores Dante. They have become inseperable. Tala now lives with Dante in a new pen.

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Valkyrie came to us from the Aztec Shelter in June of 2017 at the age of 3. She had already had 6 litters of puppies by the time she arrived. She was kept on a chain and severely abused by her owners who used her as a breeding machine.

She came to the attention of friends of one of our volunteers (Keith), who felt so bad for her they thought euthanasia was better than the life she was leading. They finally convinced the owners to release her to the shelter with the ultimate goal of getting her to WolfWood.

Valkyrie was very sick, starved, and scared. She will bite without warning if anyone tries to touch her. Physically she is already making a good recovery, she has put on weight and is getting healthy. We are confident with time and love she will also heal emotionally.

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Vesta and TJ:
Vesta and TJ are both full dogs. Vesta came to the refuge in 2008 from Walsenburg, Co. with her nine puppies. They were in a very bad situation and Vesta was starving and too weak to get up and walk around.  She was a good mother but without nutrition, the future of Vesta and her pups was bleak. She is now fully recovered and all her pups survived due to her motherly instincts and a bit of help from Wolfwood.   While most of her pups have been adopted,  TJ and Druid still enjoy life with her at Wolfwood.  Vesta is in the foreground of this picture and TJ is in the back.

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Wile E.:

Wile E. is a coyote who was found abandoned and alone June of 2016.  He had only been born a couple of months before that.  After talking to Dr. Wagner and different wildlife rehab places it was determined that he could not possibly be put back in the wild. So Wile E began his journey to adjust to refuge life.

Wile E. initially had to be kept quarantined because he had no immunity to viruses like Parvo or Distemper. He also had to get special vaccines and, at first, be fed a milk replacement.

Wile E. is part of the Refuge's educational program where the differences between various canines (wolves, dogs and coyotes) are explained.

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Some moments are too precious not to share.
Xena and a new friend at the Durango Farmers market


Adored by volunterrs and visitors alike. Since Xena has been with WolfWood she has grown into a fan favorite at events as well. She just LOVES people.

Xena came from Tulsa, OK in May of 2019. At the time she was 1-1/2 years old. She had been found running loose and was placed in a foster home.  But, wolfdogs were illegal where she was staying and Wolfwood was contacted to see if we had a place for her.

Arrangements were made and volunteers drove to Tulsa to get her. She is a big, bouncy girl who loves people. She has already been out at events and has grown into a premier ambassador for WolfWood.


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