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The new wolf puppies' first day

On Saturday July 17th, 2011 staff and volunteers of Wolfwood refuge began the next phase of the rescue of 9 wolf puppies from Alaska when they met the plane carrying the puppies at Albuquerque Airport in New Mexico.  Originally, there were supposed to be 10 puppies but one puppy did not survive the ordeal with the Alaskan breeder that is being prosecuted.  Read the letter from our director for more details.

The puppies arrived tired and a bit scared.

Their first stop was the home of one of the local volunteers where the puppies were cleaned up, given some initial medical treatments and allowed to get back on their feet after the long flight.

This won't hurt a bit


Splish, splash we are taking a bath . . .



Nothing beats a nice dry towel . . .   

But can I play now?


After getting their checkups and being cleaned, it was off to Wolfwood Refuge to their new homes.  The puppies will no longer be restrained and will be introduced to a large number of new friends of all ages.  Needless to say, the excitement at the refuge is high.  This is true, not just for the human friends, but also for the resident wolves.  They immediately recognized the new arrivals and welcomed them into the Wolfwood family.  But with the excitement comes additional needs and responsibilities.  We are asking for your help in the forms of donations.  Wolfwood receives no federal or state assistance in the rescue of these beautiful animals.  The airfare, pens, vet bills and associated expenses will add up quickly.  Please donate what you can by either using the Donate Now button at the top of each webpage or by contacting Wolfwood at wolfwood1995@hotmail.com


In we go   

Make sure this is my good side




Nothing beats a nice shady spot   

Except for food!  Hey dude, get your paw out of my food.




I think I'll like it here 

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